How Much Does Melbourne Conveyancing Cost?

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The cost of Melbourne conveyancing depends on a number of factors:

The scope of conveyancing work

Do you need the Melbourne based conveyancer to review a contract or prepare a contract for a sale on top of the conveyancing? Is there any other work needed over and above the conveyancing?

What you consider to be value for money from your Melbourne conveyancer

Do you want the cheapest conveyancer in Melbourne with average work quality? Or do you prefer to pay a little more to engage a conveyancing lawyer in Melbourne that performs high quality work?

The type of property in Victoria

Are you buying a residential property or a commercial premises in Victoria? Is the property being purchased off-the-plan under a sizeable and complex contract, or are you buying a titled house with a standard form contract?

Where the Victorian conveyancer works

Do you want to engage a senior conveyancing lawyer that works for a large law firm? Or are you thinking “I want a suburban conveyancing lawyer or conveyancer near me without the price tag of a large firm”?

Generally speaking, the average price of a local conveyancer in Melbourne to perform a standard conveyance without complexity can be anywhere between $990.00 to $1,500.00 plus disbursements.

However, it is best to shortlist and contact local property conveyancers or conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne to find out:

  1. how much the conveyancer charges for standard conveyancing in Victoria.
  1. what the conveyancer will do for you within the conveyancing quote they charge.
  1. if you will work with a local conveyancer one-on-one with a personalised and supportive service.
  1. what is the conveyancer’s style of communication and do they make you feel comfortable.
  1. how available will the conveyancer be to help you and are they flexible with their time.

At Proptech Legal, we’re transparent from the get-go about our affordable conveyancing fees and offer a one-on-one, personalised and supportive service that you’ll receive by one of our dedicated and experienced conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne that you can rely on and trust to be available to you every step of the way.

Need an online conveyancing quote?

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