Our Story

Our Story

Greetings! Melissa here. Or you can call me Mel.

A little about me: 

I'm a property lawyer with over 7 years experience.  

I service Gen Y in need of conveyancing and property law services for Victorian-based property. 

I'm also a proud Gen Y millennial with a love for 80s music. 

I'm passionate about using my legal skills to help my fellow Gen Y community achieve the great Australian dream of owing a property in Victoria. Or even settling the sale of a property to move on to a better place in life. 

I love soy lattes, sausage dogs and binge watching Netflix (Cobra Kai anyone?)

Why Proptech Legal?

Many conveyancing firms are stuck in the 70s with traditional, outdated business models and processes that don't work for millennials. 

Why don't they work?

1. things take way longer to do for you

2. communication is super delayed 

3. documents are ridiculously long 

4. lack of digital innovation to work smarter (not harder) for you. 

Leaving you feeling like:

1. gee, what a major waste of time and a pain in the backside 

2. I wish my lawyer actually understood me and my needs

3. I don't know what's going on with my property settlement 

The fact of the matter is that the majority of conveyancing firms fail to understand what people, especially our Gen Y community, wants in customer service. 

You want a service that: 

1. saves you time

2. makes your life easy; and

3. keeps you happy. 

That's all. 

So I created an innovative, technology-driven conveyancing service solution designed to save you time, make your life easy and keep you happy. 

And so Proptech Legal was born! [insert super hero stance].

Now you can spend less time filling out paperwork and focus more time on the things that matter to you most.

Like spending time with friends and family, preparing to move into your first home, immersing yourself in yoga, or binge-watching Netflix with red wine and chocolate in a cow-print onesie after a hard day's work. 

Ok maybe that last ones just me...or is it?