Contract Preparation


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  • All parties are clear on the terms of the transaction and helps to protect your interest
  • Evidence of clear consent by the parties to the transaction
  • Provides a transactional record in the event of an audit by the Australian Taxation Office or State Revenue Office

Our price includes:

  • Our downloadable Contract
    Issued after receipt of your transfer questionnaire and subject to any Contract amendments at your request. This fee does not include the preparation of a Section 32 Statement, which is not necessary in some cases of related party transfers (eg., transferring a property into joint ownership). Whether a Section 32 Statement is required is assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Our specially drafted conditions designed to protect your interests (also known as ‘special conditions’)
  • Dedicated lawyer throughout the entire drafting process
  • UNLIMITED drafting and amendment of special conditions
  • UNLIMITED consultations with your lawyer about your Contract
  • FREE guidance notes on your important obligations under your Contract
  • Quick and easy document e-signing